Our community consists of members who are glad to hear from you. Please contact us using the following information.

Town Council Members 

Current term: 7/01/2018-6/30/2020:
Mayor - William R Hollaway,  whollaway77@gmail.com

Vice Mayor – Stephen Effros, steve@effros.com

Chase Hinderstein, chasehinderstein@gmail.com

Regan McDonald,  mcdonald.regan@gmail.com

Melissa Milne,  Melissa.milne9@gmail.com

Darrell Poe,  poe4clifton@gmail.com


Marilyn Barton, Town Treasurer,  clifton.treasurer@cox.net

Amanda Christman, Town Clerk,  cliftonclerkva@gmail.com 

FOIA Officer: Amanda Christman

Webmaster - Darrell Poe,

Planning Commission - Kathy Kalinowski   khk@baberkal.com

Architectural Review Board (ARB) - Royce Jarrendt  royce.jarr@yahoo.com

Town Meeting Hall Reservations / Manager -- Darrell Poe,  cliftonhallrental@gmail.com  (703) 349-1269

Town Parks Reservationist  - Donna Netschert (703) 830-2727  villagetimesaver@aol.com

General Town Information - Donna Netschert (703) 830-2727
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