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Approved by the Town Council:

2017 January Regular Council Minutes and Public Hearing MinutesMeeting AgendaTreasurer's Report

2016 December Regular Council MinutesMeeting AgendaTreasurer's ReportProposed J2E Contract

2016 November Regular Council MinutesMeeting AgendaDominion PresentationTreasurer's ReportDraft FY15 Audited Financial StatementsPlanning Commission ReportTruck Rental BidLittle Free Library Presentation

2016 October Regular Council MinutesMeeting AgendaZika Virus PreventionTreasurer's ReportARB ReportClifton Coalition ReportResolution in Support of Streetscape Additional Funding Application

2016 September Regular Council MinutesMeeting AgendaPopes Head Extension PresentationTreasurer's ReportCERT Presentation

2016 August Regular Council MinutesMeeting AgendaTreasurer's ReportAudit Engagement Letter FY16Planning Commission ReportVDOT Local Assistance Program Workshop Presentation

2016 July Regular Council MinutesMeeting Agenda, Treasurer's ReportPlanning Commission ReportClifton Coalition Report

2016 June Regular Council MinutesMeeting AgendaTreasurer's ReportPlanning Commission Report7203 Main St. Application, Final Approved Budget FY2017

2016 May Minutes Public Hearings and Regular Council MeetingMeeting AgendaTreasurer's ReportPlanning Commission ReportPeterson's Ice Cream Depot ApplicationPeterson's Parking AgreementTrash Consolidation Proposal

2016 April Minutes Regular Council Meeting and Public HearingMeeting AgendaFEMA LetterTreasurer's ReportPlanning Commission's Report, Memorandum of Understanding between BOS and Town of CliftonPaving Proposal Bid A

2016 March 28 Budget Work Session Minutes

2016 March Minutes Regular Council MeetingMeeting AgendaClerk's ReportTreasurer's ReportPlanning Commission's Report

2016 February Minutes Regular Council MeetingTag ReportManager's ReportFinancial ReportEmail from TreasurerPC recommendations

2016 January Minutes Regular Council Meeting and Public HearingsAgendaClerk's ReportFinancial ReportTown Code ยง9-10-cCommunity Hall Rental Policy and Procedures

2015 January Minutes Regular Council Meeting

2015 February Minutes Regular Council Meeting

2015 March Minutes Regular Council Meeting & Public Meeting Outdoor Music

2015 April Regular Council Meeting

2015 April 15 Budget Work Session

2015 April 22 Budget Work Session & Special Meeting Outdoor Music & Noise Ordinance

2015 May Minutes Regular Council and Public Hearings (Main Street Pub and Budget FYE 0616)

2015 June Minutes Regular Council Meeting

2015 July Minutes Regular Council Meeting

2015 August Regular Council Meeting Minutes

2015 September Regular Council Meeting

2015 October Regular Council Meeting Minutes

2015 November Regular Council Meeting Minutes

2015 December Regular Council MeetingAgendaTag ReportFinancial ReportPlanning Commission ReportResolution

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