Note: Until further notice from the Mayor of Clifton, and in accordance with the Resolution of the Planning Commission regarding Remote Participation by Electronic Means Policy and the Town Council Continuity of Government Methods, to the Planning Commission and Authorizing Remote Participation by Electronic Means Without a Physical Quorum Being Present Pursuant to Virginia Law, the Town of Clifton Planning Commission is holding all Meetings noticed herein electronically for the purpose of continuity of government of the Town of Clifton. The meetings will be conducted using Zoom teleconferencing audio and video service, and connection information will be provided to members of the public to afford the opportunity to citizens to witness the operation of the Town of Clifton government.  Connection information is available from, and will be provided by the Town Clerk upon receiving an emailed request directed to
(The Planning Commission typically meets on the last Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM at the Acacia Lodge, located at 7135 Main Street. For more information, please contact To file an application, click here.)

The current Meeting Agenda is published here when it is available.

Pending Application(s):
  1. 12644 Chapel Road #A & B: Motier Restaurant, Revised application for C & DParking Tabulation Sheet 4-23-2021, Letter from Zoning Clerk, Replies from ApplicantExisting Use Permit
  2. 12642 Chapel Road: Core Outdoor Living, LLC, Existing Use Permit
  3. 12725 Clifton Heights Lane: Request to Amend Preliminary Use Permit for Construction, Comments from Planning Commission ChairLetter from Town Engineer, Existing Use Permit
  4. 7144 Main Street:
7184 Clifton Road - new home construction and retaining wall: Site Plan Revision application, attached drawings11/2020, Town Engineer's comments 12/4/2020, Preliminary COA 10-2020FIDO Binder 5-2020, PAWS Binder 5-2020  Planning Commission Report 3-31-2015 7184 Clifton Road Preliminary Use Permit 7-7-2015 (new home construction) Approved Plan of Development 11-19-2015 Retaining Wall Certificate of Appropriateness 12-5-2018 Full page site plan for retaining wall 10-27-2015 

Approved Meeting Minutes (To view draft Minutes before publishing, please contact the Town Clerk):
2021 March 30 Regular Meeting Minutes, Applications & Agenda
2021 February 23 Regular Meeting Minutes, Applications & Agenda
2021 January 26 Resolution
2020 November 24 Regular Meeting Minutes, Application & Agenda
2020 October 27 Regular Meeting Minutes, Attachments & Agenda
2020 October (Rescheduled from September) Regular Meeting Minutes, Attachments & Agenda
2020 August Regular Meeting Minutes, Attachments & Agenda
2020 July Regular Meeting Minutes, Attachments & Agenda
2020 June Regular Meeting Minutes, Attachments & Agenda
2020 May Regular Meeting Minutes, Attachments & Agenda

2020 April Regular Meeting Minutes & Attachments, Signed Resolution re: Electronic Meetings
2019 October Regular Minutes & Attachment

Current Members (four-year terms):
Kathy Kalinowski, Chair 01-04-25

Patrick Pline, Town Council Representative 06-30-22
Terri Winkowski 06-30-23
Jennifer Heilmann 02-01-25

Susan Yantis 06-30-24
Michelle Stein 06-30-24
Mac Arnold